GL-XE3000 SIM load balancing

Hi all
I configured GL-XE3000 with 2 SIMs.

If the only WAN connection is via modem and one chooses load balancing, would such share load between the two SIMs?

Only 1 SIM can be connected at the time, so no loadbalancing.

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OK … good to know, traveling abroad in Europe (where roaming is free) I can then perhaps configure the 2 SIMs to connect to 2 different providers and dependent on location switch to the better one.

Yup, you could use 2 SIMs for different providers - but you will have to choose them by your own.

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Some hotspot routers allow to either automatically connect or manually search and then select the mobile provider to physically connect to (and register if allowed). Is this manual connecting also possible with the GL-XE3000? For example in France with Belgium APN (Proximus) settings I can roam with France providers SFR and Bouygues. For some reason not always the ‘best’ (for me: fastest) provider is chosen automatically (e.g. on my Netgear MR6450) so I like to test both and choose myself manually.
For example:
Would it help to add configure option plmn ‘mccmnc’ in glmodem file (in /etc/config) for network_sim1 and network_sim2 to match mobile country code and mobile network code of SFR and Bouygues respectively? I believe I selected between both on my GL-X750 box in the past. But on that box I ran non stock ath79-generic-glinet_gl-x750 OpenWRT.