GL-XE3000 Stability/reliabilty?

Tried to find reviews for the Puli AX Gl-Xe3000, any long term users able to offer insight to stability and reliability of these routers? Currently have an xe300, but really need to get a portable 5g router for using to wire photographs straight from the back of my cameras from sports events direct to newsdesks and agencies. I have tried all manner of firmwares on my xe300 and it is not stable, wifi drops, in cellular/ethernet cable and repeater mode, unit is more like a homebrew unit, so want to know if the 3000 is of the same ilk, as if so would rather look for an alternative device, I see fellow photographers using netgear nighthawks and they don’t have half the problems I have with the 300.


I have the X3000 which is basically the XE3000 without the internal battery. It has been very stable for me including both the cellular connection and Wi-Fi.

The XE3000 is a fairly bulky unit though compared to the nighthawk cellular hotspots. I suppose if you had a large backpack or duffle bag you could fit the unit inside although I’d be worried about damaging the external antennas.

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Have owned the GL-XE3000 for a couple of months now and despite all of the great online reviews my experience has been really poor. Frequent dropouts, constant need to reboot. Extremely unreliable and unstable. Have requested technical advice which has failed to address. Might ask for a refund!

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Thanks - really appreciate the honest feedback and will definitely look for an alterntive solution sounds very much liek my experience with the xe300, they seem like homebrew units rather than professional units

How do you requeste the technical advice? send email? or use chat? does our technical support help you to analyse?
Can you follow the attachment document to share your device to us, and then send your device mac address and password to our email( I will do our best to help you solve your problem.
Share the device to technical support via (206.0 KB)

Dear Hoff.Xin

I have been exchanging emails with your colleague Cathy Lu. She has suggested a couple of configuration changes and this has not helped. I have also recently replaced the SIM card to rule out any issues but I am still experiencing constant drop outs.

I have reviewed the attached document and do not have an option select “Remote Access” under Applications so cannot proceed as requested.

Could I possibly request a replacement router, or would you be willing to approve a return of the device as I am very unhappy with this product.



I think I can help you to anaylse again, if I fail, we will help you to returen the device or change new one, please refer to the picture below to open goodcloud and plug the a Ethernet cable to provide internet, and then use the email tell me your device mac address and password.

If you don’t have time to help to ayaylse or do want us to anaylse, you can return the device to us from where you buy, you can contact the customer service to return, they will help you to return the device.

I’ve been using mine for about 2 weeks now. I thought the dual SIM worked simultaneously, but it just switches to another when one is not working; that’s the downside of it. I had to reset and reinstall the firmware a couple of times to get it working with the configuration that I wanted. I’m running on snapshot build 0402snapshot1. It’s a bit of a headache, but when it works, I’m getting good results from it. I’m fairly happy with it, and I’m hoping that they’ll release a solid build soon.

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