GL750S fails after reboot

I’m using software version 3.105 and whenever I restart the router the WiFi lights to not come on, and I cannot connect to the WiFi. I also am not assigned an IP address if I try to connect with a cable.
The only solution I have found is to do a hard factory reset, which obviously is not a sensible thing to do every time the router restarts.
Can anyone help me debug the issue here, I’m not even sure where to start!


Try a different power adapter and cable.

If does not work, return the router to me for further investigation.

I have tried this and no luck unfortunately! I installed older firmware (v3.101) and this issue doesn’t occur anymore. I think this is caused by a bug in the current software version.

Get 3.104, it works fine - been using since it came out and have left our AR750S on that version.
After reading about the issues with 3.105 and now 3.201 will leave it on that till things are all fixed.

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