not resolving

I have three GL.iNet devices setup for DDNS, but none of them are resolving via DNS with ‘server failed’. I checked google DNS, and this is what I get for the root domain as well.


*** can’t find Server failed

I went to a nslookup website, and got this response when I did a name server search for

Search Error or NS Records not Exists. No NS record were found for the domain.

OK, now I’m getting name resolution again.

Spoke to soon, it’s back down again…

Well, it’s back up again…

Hope it stabilizes… does not have an A record so it’s OK that it can’t get resolved.
Only check with your DDNS address.

I had a little outage as well, but now it seems to work again.
Using nslookup is not really reliable when you talk to internet DNS. Try instead.

Could be some sync-error, maybe just wait a few hours.

Anyway, I should at least get some sort of NS record response which I was not getting, but now I am.

NS records for ‘

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Maybe just some hiccup.

It was happening tonight for me.
I Couldn’t resolve my full glddns name.
Kept getting server fail.

Checked router logs, it was having no luck registering. complaining it could not resolve the glddns host that it registers ip addresses to

Cleared up for a while and then started acting up again and then cleared up.

It’s a bug of ddns system, we will fix it as soon as.

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It’s down again! Out of ten resolves I got one or two succeeded!

Can please explain what is the bug ? And why the dns server does not respond most of the time ?!


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The server is under some ddos attack. Fixing.

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According to my monitoring it’s not the first or second downtime for GLDDNS :frowning:

It could be beneficial to have some sort of redundancy.
While there are two nameservers listed for GLDDNS.COM domain, they point to the same IP address.

So any time that single IP (and servers(s) behind it) is/are down or overloaded dynamic DNS stops working :frowning:

Even if there is a load balancer and multiple DNS instances behind it’s still a single location/AWS region. I’d recommend spinning up another instance/load balancer elsewhere.
I understand this is free service for GL-INET router customers, and it’s one which improves the value of proposition; but not when it’s repeatedly down.

p.s. I do not want sound bitter and i really do appreciate GL-INET products.
Thank you!

If there is a serious ongoing DDOS issue it may make sense to consider a specialist offering for this service, such as Cloudflare or other DNS vendor which can absorb DDOS using multiple locations and anycast etc.


Thanks for the suggestions. Exactly what we need to do.


I also have 3GL.iNet routers failing ddns right now.
I had done firmware downgrades/upgrades and changing portforwarding setting multiple times.
Spent half a day trying to figure out what was happening.
I was using glddns with wireguard and I thought I must have misconfigured something.
I have several wireguard clients set up, so every time I changed and test my wireguard setting, I have to reconfigure everything again and again.
I’m not blaming but please let the users know that you/we might have some ddns issues via email/push notification-via-app etc. so that we don’t have to go through what I went through.
Keep up the good work!

In that case it’s waaaaay better to just read the log files. The log messages for cloud connection are pretty easy to understand.

You can read the cloud log or run logread | grep gl-cloud via SSH.

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Thanks sooooooo much.
I’ll try that next time.
Since I was testing other stuff like shadowsocks, tailscale, zerotierone etc., right at this moment, my first thought was I must have changed something serious…that I probably should not have touched…
I did checked the logs but at that time, I was working with wireguard, so I checked only wireguard’s log and the log showed, wgservice cannot start, and I just panicked…

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You need several ns servers in different geographical regions !

You cannot have the ddns service dependent on a single server!!

Lastly, it is difficult to DDoS dns server since it uses a couple of UDP packets for each resolve, unless your server has very low specs!!!

Since yesterday I am unable to bind my device to the ddns nor resolve my ip using your server! I will try to explore other ddns options till you fix the dns infrastructure.


is the ddos still occurring?

Unbelievable!!! They used ONE tiny little Amazon AWS instance for their entire DDNS service!? WOW! :rage:I changed all my Glinet routers now to not sure if it is better but I used it in the past and never had any issues.

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