GLDDNS DNS not working

Is anyone else having problems with their GLDDNS not registering with public servers?

I checked my DDNS url on and it’s only appearing on approx 4-5 servers globally.

Was working fine for about 6-9 months then just lately over the last month it seems like my mango DDNS just stopped registering or being consistent.

What’s the version and ddns name of your device,I will check it for you.

Seems this morning all of my Mangos (10+ units) are now recording on 90% of the DNS servers on

Not sure what happened but seems to register now.

i’ll keep monitoring to see if it disappears from

firnware version on my units are 3.212 and 3.203 (ones that haven’t been auto upgraded yet)

I don’t think it is critical to see a DDNS domain name show up on many servers because those are only a handful of the many thousands of public DNS servers on the Internet. These are recursive DNS servers that may cache the domain name for a period of time and flush it out if not accessed after some time, so they do not have to store/maintain all the billions of domain names on the Internet. Even if a domain name is not in cache, the recursive DNS server will contact an authoritative DNS server to find out where to find the domain name, then request the public IP address and store that in its cache for some time.

I doubt that a lot of GL.iNet DDNS domain names would be accessed frequently enough to always stay in the cache of most DNS servers, compared to Google, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, etc. domain names.

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet