Gli 300M -- no WLAN most of the time

Most of the time there is no WLAN, no LAN, no connection at all. Only the green LED is on.

In 1 out of 20 attempts the device works like it should:

  • green LED (like above)
  • yellow LED for WLAN
  • no problem to connect to gli-Wlan and access all settings
  • no problem to update firmware

And then, from one moment to next – without touching the device – the connection disappears.

And then suddenly the connectivity disappears. Neither “reset” nor “repower” seems to help. The problem seems to be stochastic. I even opened the box – the circuits are smaller than an old fashioned resistor…

Is there a power save mode which the device is unable to awake from?
Any idea what I can do (useless to say that I spend useless time just plugging around without a plan)?

Thanks in advance!

Have you set up any repeaters?

(I programmed a Raspberry doing all the stuff – does it help in this context?)

As far as I understand I power up the device – and then it transmits its hotspot signal. I don’t assume it expects me to run any low level boot up program, right?

No just that if you connect the GL router as a repeater to another one, its a known issue the wifi might disappear, its a bug that i have noticed. If you haven’t then it’s some other issue and i have no idea.

I switched it on – no wlan. I pressed the reset button several seconds (second led blinking) – no wlan.
How should I change operating mode if I cannot access GUI? By the way I failed to connect by ethernet as well.

What do you reocmmend me to do?

You never said it was out of the box or not, that is why i ask if it happened after setting up a repeater.
Have you tried accessing uboot and reuploading the firmware?

Please also make sure you are using a good power adapter. A lot of such problems is caused by the power adapter.

Thanks for hint.
5.1 Volt, 10 Watt and short power supply cable should be sufficient.
I ordered the next bigger model (AR 300 M with external antennas). There everything is as it should be, with the same power supply.