GLI Mifi - Pre Release Software Bug

Is there a way to start the VPN when the router is rebooted or switched on? I have created a custom kill switch (using the release firmware for now but know there is a kill switch in pre release).

Cheers Logan

Hmm found a OpenVPN setting in Advanced System Start Up that was not Enabled at boot. But doesn’t seems to help. Im using a SIM/Mobile Data connection and the modem doesn’t seem to be auto setting up at boot time.

Any ideas? I want to turn it on, the modem connect to mobile network and then start my VPN!

okay so I was running the pre release version (opps), the one with the kill switch. Seems this version takes an age to connect modem (after auto setup) and will not connect automatically after rebot.

openvpn client or server will start automatically. The script is /etc/init.d/startvpn

Brilliant cheers, i think the issue is on the pre-release the modem doesn’t seem to be auto-setting up on boot up, so hence VPN fails.