Glinet 2500 squid package and DNS resolver

Hello, can someone explain two things:

  1. Why in repo the squid package is missing. Luci-squid manager exist but without main squid package. This is nonsense and how to resolve this? Yes, I can add additional repo from OpenWRT , but who knows how this will compatible. The main point this is a bug with package manager of GLinet?

Now using beta 4.6.0 firmware but the same problem exists on stable firmware as well

  1. I have use pfSense firewall as main router and why Glinet all time trying to connect a lot of DNS providers. I did set only my pfSesnse DNS in Glinet router. Who is making this connections inside Glinet router , why doing? and how to disable all This DNS request. Plesase see image below:
    Just to be clear, I DO NOT use LAN port, can somebody tell its doing DNS requests from my local hosts. Its doing router itself.

For your question 2, can you stop interface tracking on MT2500 Multi-WAN - GL.iNet Router Docs 4

For your questiosn 1, we will check and add that package.

It should be available now.

Thanks for reply!
I did check and squid now in repo. Regarding interface tracking, I keep switched off any of this and anyway going dns requests to external public DNS, even tried hardcoded requests to my pfSense interface IP but does not matter. Also tested connection in bridge mode and router mode in different type of connections ( Connection directly to pfSense interface NIC and WIFI router LAN port) All time have this warning " No internet connection! Find a network to reconnect" This happened, when trying refresh repo from GLinet gui. I'm aware that have 100 % internet access, because if make packages update list over OpenWRT advanced gui updating process going fine with the same settings! Firmware daily snapshot 4.6.0

I have checked out DNS requests, its going mostly ICMP protocol to outbound DNS providers but can not found this settings in advanced GLInet settings?

Appreciate that you can send screenshots of your settings so what we can test exactly the same.

Hi, Glinet IP,

working in bridge mode, but the same in router mode!

Can you send screenshot of the multip wan settings as well.

Sorry, what settings do you mean? multip WAN?

The settings on this page.

IP pinging , my pfSense interfaces.