GLinet 750S & 750M Wireguard no LAN

I have here a GLinet 750S and wanne use it as a Wireguard server to a othe GLinet router (model 750M).
The connection with wireguard between the server (750S) and the client (750M) is good.
Only i wanne browse on the other network. How can i enable that?

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So far i got a green dot between te server and client. I wanne browse over the other LAN. And the other LAN want to browse over my LAN.
I did read i must add IP addresses by allowed IP. That option accept’s only one IP (between the connection IP).
When i do , and save and look back in the file config i see both IP adresses. When i wanne connect i got a connection with a Yellow dot. I can’t reach then the other side.

That dit the trick.

First i had a problem with the login on the router with SSH. (Don’t accept the password).
After a complete reset (software button in the webinterface) no login on SSH. I can connect but no login (password not ok).
After reset with button the same as above.
After a firmware update i finally have a good login.

Visit Client’s LAN Subnet

Visit Client’s LAN Subnet from WireGuard Server LAN Subnet

  1. Change WireGuard clients LAN IP to avoid IP confliction with Server

  2. Modify Wireguard_Server Configuration

WinSCP or SSH into your the WireGuard Server (router) find and modify the file


Add a line to the end of the config file of clients you want to visit.

list subnet ''

Save and Exit

Have you solved problems about wireguard?

Yes, see above in my post.