Glinet app - accessing goodcloud with mobile data connection

App freaks out when it realises it’s not connected to a glinet router LAN

Screen record attached!AjUmMPir0o9FkwRPmMm1hzGP1nFB

With this behavior I can’t access goodcloud on the move

Temporary Workaround: VPN to a glinet router then run the app

We will improve this issue in the next version

I can’t confirm this issue for iOS. I am perfectly fine using the app for managing the routers - even from a different Wi-Fi or via cellular.

This was happening to me, what I did was I cleared the app data/cache and uninstalled it, then I installed it back and logged back in and everything it’s working like it should be.

P. S. make sure to do this while you locally connected to the router :face_with_peeking_eye:

It is issue mobile app. When you kept open app with wifi then remember everything. If turned off WiFi and trying to open. It will be spam back page back page or already logged in other device (laptop)…
Problem is goodcloud only one logging during time.
I hope gl staff will be fix app.

I being noticing that too