GLiNet App Needs Local Device to Work

Then after the maintenance I can’t manage my other device by app? Only one device per app? Please explain me…

Thanks for the explanation. Is this a temporary issue? Can I move devices from organization to self?

This may be because your account previously had multiple devices and groups, or had been granted advanced permissions.
This data is no longer retained by the self view in the new version, so the organization was automatically created for you when you upgraded.

You can delete devices from the organization and then rebind them when you switch to self view.
The buttons for switching views are in the upper right corner of the interface.

Unbind and rebind device then app is ok but On the web and on app I can manage only device with 3.x firmware. Other devices with 4.x are in timeout response.

Same for me. :frowning:
Goodcloud is pretty useless right now.