GLiNet App Needs Local Device to Work

Opening the GLiNet app just sits on the splash page until a local router is connected via WiFi.

It’s not possible to see any remote devices until this local connection is made, which means remote monitoring is no longer possible if you away from all your devices.


Can’t confirm for iOS.

Which OS are you using? Which App version?

iOS 17.0.3 on an iPhone Xs Max.

GLiNet version 2.4.0 (170)


Would try to reinstall the app since the error does not appear from me.

Deleted the app and re-installed (from TestFlight). Same issue, I just get the splash screen.

Deleted the app again, and this time installed the version from the AppStore: 2.3.6. This one loads the initial screen, and I select “Log in GoodCloud”. I enter my name, select the correct region, and password. This responds with: Response Error, please check your network.

I checked the username and password on the browser login, on my PC and that connects correctly.


Due to GoodCloud upgrade, version 2.3.6 of Remote Control is no longer available.
Please use version 2.4.
There are some problems with the server connection now, we will fix it soon.

I can login and manage my device on goodcloud website. In my iPhone app (Testflight) I can login but I can manage only local device.
Is it an issue or a temporary fail of the app post upgrade?

Maybe the Testflight app isn’t updated anymore?
The usual App from the App Store works fine for me right now.

(But I had to update it now. The new version is available)

Is the iPhone connected to the wireless of the router when you login, because that still works for me. I only get the splash screen and can’t go further when I’m not connected.

Yes, note I was on 2.4.0 when the AppStore only had 2.3.6.

Installing 2.4.0 from the AppStore reacts exactly the same. I only get the splash screen and nothing else.


Nope, tried it with GSM only. Did you reinstall?

I have reinstalled the new version by appstore but can’t manage my devices…From the website it’ok…

Still only splash screen?

I can login into the app successfully but no device to manage, only local management.
I have Installed app on iPhone of my wife for the first time and same issue.
@alzhao Can you provide a solution?


Do you see no devices tied to Cloud after you log in? Or can you see the device but can’t connect?

Ho, the first one. On website it’ ok…

You may have selected the wrong region when you logged in to the App.The App is still adapting to automatically select a region.
Please try logging out and displaying a different region.
If you can’t remember which region’s servers your device is connected to, click your username in the upper right corner of the Web, then click profile.

Hi, my region is correct: Europe. On the web it’s Europe and all is ok, on the app is Europe and no device to manage…

Is your device in a organization, not personal account?

Personal account with 12 devices. I can see and manage all devices in website, only in the app after maintenance of goodcloud I can see only one device because it is in my home and only by wifi network.


I mean, did your 12 devices go to an organization, not your self account.

Now the app does not manage organizaiton. I have the same problem here.