Glinet App support for Brume (non wireless)

Hello, I have a Brume (MV1000 without wireless) which is linked to a managed switch and then Apple TV connected to the Brume. I have an Ruckus AP connected to the switch which provides the wifi. The Brume has a static IP.

As we’re a multi-national family I’d love to use the (new) Glinet iOS app for me and my wife to easily switch VPN servers or turn it totally off for the Apple TV. However, I can’t make the Brume work with the app without plugging in a USB wifi adapter. The app seems to mention only Brume-W.

Is there a way to use the Glinet app to connect to the Brume when I’m on my home wifi? I’d rather not have to switch to use the wifi adapter and switch to Brume wifi network to access the VPN settings. I’m aware I can access the control panel, but the app is more convenient for the family. Thanks!

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No support for the app then? Is there a cli command I could to built a shell Apple Shortcut? For now just using the hardware button to at least turn vpn off/on but app support would be nice.

If you connect your phone to the AP, the app should be able to find MV1000 as it is the gateway.

Also if you enable cloud control you do not need to connect to it directly to control it. But you cannot control vpn via cloud.

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Thanks @alzhao ! When I connect to the AP it doesn’t find the MV1000. Even though it has a static IP from the main router/modem. When trying to connect through Goodcloud is says firmware is not updates (although I’ve updated already to the latest Beta firmware - 3.203)

Maybe because I’m on double NAT as the devices connected to the Brume are on 192.168.8.X and my AP/router is on 192.168.0.X?

When trying to use with Goodcloud I see this:

When trying to use without cloud I get this (while connected to my main AP):

Static IP settings:

For the Cloud on app, please try the testflight version

For local, I will try to support Brume recently. But double NAT will not work.

Any suggestions about the APP are appreciated.

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Cloud wouldn’t work indeed as I’m trying to change the VPN servers. it would be great if you can manually enter the IP of the Brume is the app can’t find it as one of the App Store comments suggests.


We need to discuss how to design the interaction so that the user understands the situation better, so this feature will not be so fast. For now you can only access the web Admin Panel to switch VPNs using your mobile browser.

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