GLiNet OpenVPN Client process gets stuck while attempting connection

Is there some way to get the OpenVPN Client to retry its connection every 60 seconds if it doesn’t make a successful connection?

The behavior I see happening now is that it tries for a few minutes but if it doesn’t make a successful connection, the system just hangs trying to connect presenting the abort button, but doesn’t make any more attempts.

I have two routers (the other being a Mikrotik) and the Mikrotik will try until it resolves the connection and the GLiNet B1300 unit will just be stuck until it’s rebooted or manually disconnected (ABORT button → Connect button) until it’s connection attempt is manually aborted and reconnected.

I too have Mikrotik routers but don’t use them anymore as they don’t support proper OpenVPN (UDP), no DNS over TLS and no large blocklist and no Wireguard (I know some of these are in beta now).

I have a similar issue with Wireguard on my BRUME. But only after a reboot.

But I havent observed this problem with OpenVPN (I rarely use it). It may also depend on your VPN provider (mine is

alzhao gave us a temporary fix but the problem that remains is that some processes and programs (eg. AdGuardHome) try to connect to the Internet and fail because the VPN isn’t connected yet. They have to fix their scripts and scheduling for a proper chronology when everything starts.

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