GLinet speedtest app on web and smartphone

is there such an app on the web interface or smartphone interface to test the connection speed?

There’s plenty around, just Google “speedtest”

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Please read my question before you answer.
The speedtest app needs to be on the router itself.
For now, i have to ssh into x3000 and run a speedtest-cli written in python. This is not user friendly.

Search first on forum before u I ask. Speedtest builtin on the router is not a good idea can worn off the flash storage.


OpenSpeedTest is a HTML-only speedtest ‘app’. I just save the files to /www/ost on my X3000 and visit it with from a device connected to my LAN.

But, the more typical way to measure LAN speeds is to use iperf3.

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Please read this answer before you reply again :pinched_fingers:

Please read this other answer before you reply :call_me_hand:

I run this on a couple of Asus routers. Not sure if it can be done with openwrt with a USB drive, but it is just nginx with static files.

Like the Linksys speed test app?