Glserver on port 83


What is the glservice which listens on port 83? By default, it’s even listening on the WAN port…

It is for the webserver. You disable WAN access from the UI and this will gone.

I did a curiosity scan of all the ports of the 3 routers (AR750S and 2xAR750) and the tcp 83 port appears open on all of them, and I have all the WAN/WAN6 disabled, so why is port 83 still open?
Also I have Remote Access disabled
Thank you!

Did you scan on wan side? Or you checked the openwrt system using netstat?

83 is occupied by lighttpd. It is used to be compatible with version 2.0.

But this does not mean 83 is open on wan side .

Hi, alzhao!
Thanks for such a quick response. I have indeed done the scan from inside my network not from the WAN.

If you scan inside your network it is correct.

All these ports, when they are open, they open within the network by default.