GLUI: parental control

Early 4.2 beta2 on ax1800

Just an observation

When a Mac address is in both a group that has internet blocked and a group that has internet access, it can access internet

Ideally that Mac address may get some highlighted warning for being in contradicting rules/groups

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This is a bug that should only exist in one profile per device. It will be fixed in beta3.

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Has anyone got a ruleset template for major services

Similar to the block services options in adguardhome

In fact, we have a development for blocking applications. However, the characteristic libraries for mobile apps and desktop client apps are time-sensitive and we have no plans to maintain them yet, so we have locked out this feature.
Once the issue is fixed in version 4.2, we will provide a tutorial on how to capture packets for applications and create your own applications characteristic library.


i changed my wifi from ax1800 to mt2500 and a wireless ap

theres something weird about the parental control on the mt2500

its like its just a dns block, my kids can still continue his roblox session after end of temporary ruleset, after the session he cant start a new session.

this is different to the parental control on the ax1800, where the internet is blocked instantly at the end of the temporary ruleset.

by the way the ruleset on the ax1800 says block internet access/no limit, versus on mt2500 accept_all/drop_all

Ax1800 is on a 4.2 beta
Mt2500 is on latest 4.2 stable

ax1800 4.2 stable, ‘block wan for unmanaged devices’ is blocking recognized devices too

What do you mean by recognize? It blocks all client devices that have not been added to the profile, not newly added devices.

As you said, I have managed devices not getting internet after I turn this on

I just tested with ax1800 4.2 stable without recurrence. Does your device use a randomized MAC address? Some devices have a randomized MAC address that can change automatically.

Yea I know I got to turn of randomise Mac address, I will check again

Parental control (not just for parents) can be bypassed with VPN on client device, is it possible to update it to block also vpn ?

VPN are protocol based. The current parental control only work with mac address or domains. So you cannot block vpn protocol.

But if you know the vpn server domain or IP, then it is possible.