Not very technical here but I was able to go through the forums and get my router running for about the last 5 months. On occasion it would drop internet and Cellular Connection. I would go in, factory reset, would have to go in and change the IMEI as it never automatically picked it up and would ne good for another month. It dropped tonight and I did all of the usual things that I did in the past but now it is automatically picking up the IMEI number. But it is caught in a connecting Loop where the internet and cellular light will turn on but the dashboard is always saying connecting. I’ve made sure that the APN is correct and what it was prior to these issues. I’ve updated the latest firmware, and even tried the beta which did not work. Any ideas what I can try next?


Maybe try downgrading the firmware to the version that was last working for you? I had a similar problem in that the December version of the firmware would not connect (using AT&T). I downgraded to the September version to get the router to connect to the network. I posted what I did here in the forum.


I too updated and mine also will not connect (AT&T) I had to roll back to the September update to get it working again. November, December and January update all would not work. I factory reset each time and it will only connect with the September firmware.

Thank you for the info. I was able to get it running. Ran it back to the previous version and it seems to be a little more steady. Still dropping more than before but able to run a few hours at a time

Hi, the latest x3000 testing firmware has fixed the issue. You can download it from the official website. GL.iNet download center (