GNSS feature in GL-E750

The LTE cards supplied with the Mudi (at least the EP06 series) supports GNSS (basically, GPS). It would be great if some level of official support was added (GL Cloud locator in case of theft, maybe even location based profile activation or scanning for WiFi networks?).

I’ve tested my Mudi, by installing the gpsd and gpsd-clients packages, however couldn’t get it to work - we have in total 4 ttyUSB interfaces (though gpsd only starts on ttyUSB1 and ttyUSB3), and none of them output legibe data (probably need to set appropriate baud rate, and send the right AT commands to enable NMEA).

Could you please at least give some information about the internals so that at least some minimal GPS/GNSS information can be extracted?

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Start gps first by sending AT+QGPS=1 via /dev/ttyUSB2. And read nmea frame from /dev/ttyUSB1 by gpsd.

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I covered this in other threads but the performance of the GPS in the Quectel modules is very poor, even with an active antenna. You are better off using a uBlox M8N for your projects with an arduino.

Thanks, will try!

I understand that (even though Quectel boasts about their GNSS capabilities quite extensively on the EP06 subsite…), however it’s not a specific project I want to do, just access to the actual hardware features to toy around with.

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Having GPS module (not advertised on Gl.iNet website) is a huge no no, privacy concern, especially from a PRIVACY VPN ROUTER! It could be exploited… GPS module shall be removed from a privacy router.


In my opinion, this is a nonsensical demand. Privacy here always refers to surfing as such - and this is not impaired by a GPS module (as is also installed in almost every cell phone).

If you see privacy as “protection from the state”, then you should do without the Internet via a cell phone network anyway, because triangulation can be used to find out your location relatively accurately.