Good Book?

Does anyone know of a good book for all things GLI, UCI, or OpenWRT? Thankfully, I have this, ‘Linksys WRT54G Ultimate Hacking’, book: otherwise I wouldn’t even understand how an OpenWRT router could be used. Unfortunately, its about a decade old, and still references the old school NVRAM instead of the modern Unified Configuration Interface, never mind advanced stuff like Lua. I kind of feel like I am stumbling in the dark sometimes.

sorry. No such book. It should be nice to have one.

Unclear if you have discovered the OpenWrt Wiki

Here is the UCI page: The UCI System [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

Thanks for the responses. Yes RangerZ, the wiki is what works best. I even have an account for their forums. I also posted this question at openwrt, and they seemed a little offended by it. Just read the wiki: there’s not an academic case for it, they said. Ah well: Asadoorian, and Pesce have still written the definitive book for OpenWRT; even some 10 years on.

Meanwhile, if any of you tech types would like to try your hand at writing a book this appears to be an open topic. The openwrt guys are right, it’s not likely to be a best seller. Yet, if you get it translated for at least English, and Cantonese you might have some buyers here.

I don’t think it is stupid. But it will take a lot of effort and will be outdated in one or two years. So this is why people is not doing this.