Good cloud S2S and Gl.inet

Hello, I am not an expert and searching for help to set up

  1. Gliglinet Router GL-SF1200 and
  2. Travelrouter GLSFT 1200
  3. I am using a cable modem for the internet

I would like to set these two Router as SITE to SITE

I am not sure what to set in the cable modem (like port forwarding) and also in the two routers, so I could get acces with the travelrouter GLSFT1200 from outside of my local network, eg to see what happend to my oven connected to the LAN.

I am confused if it is necessary to use OPENVPN on the router (GL-SF1200 - special port open, HOW?) at home.

Thank you very much for any hint and help.


Here is the GoodCloud documentation:

You may have to set up port forwarding on Port 51830 on your cable modem/router.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet.


Why not use VPN. Maybe I didn’t quite understand your case, but setting up VPN on Glinet routers is very simple. I have smart sockets at home, they can be easily controlled via OpenVPN from outside.
You can read documentation first OpenVPN Server - GL.iNet Docs or

OpenVPN Server:

  1. Open the web interface on the GL-SF1200 (this router will act as an openvpn server and will be behind an upstream router, in your case a cable modem.)
  2. Navigate to VPN > OpenVPN Server > Generate a Configuration File
  3. After that click on “after that click on”, the configuration file for clients will be automatically saved by your pc browser.
  4. To have access to your local network through VPN, you need to activate the button “Access Local Network”
  5. Click START below to start the OpenVPN server
  6. Navigate to Applications > Remote Access > Enable DDNS ( this service must be started)
  7. Then remember or copy your Device-ID from Web Interface, you can find it by make a click on “punctuation mark” after Enable DDNS. Or it’s located on the cover of your device. It will be used in configuration file for a client.

Open Ports on the Cable Router.

  1. Open the web interface on your Cable Router
  2. Navigate to option called “port forwarding” or to a similar name, depending on the UI of your router. (see documentation)
  3. As you can see in the OpenVPN server settings, it listens on port 1194 using the UDP protocol.
  4. At the Cable Router you have to open PORT 1194 with UDP protocol for your GL-SF1200 ( or it’s IP Address )

OpenVPN Client

  1. Connect you GL-SFT1200 to your computer, .where is the configuration file for OpenVPN clients saved.

  2. Before uploading the Client’s VPN configuration file to the travel router, you need to make minor changes to it. This file can be opened in a text editor and in the remote line, replace only the IP address with , dont touch the port number. You must get for example
    remote xxxxx 1194
    (where xxxxx is your Device-ID) / save new or overwrite the old file.

  3. Open web interface of your SFT1200 > Navigate to VPN > OpenVPN Client > Add a new OpenVPN Configuration
    select the previously saved configuration file and click SUBMIT > give it a small description and click SUBMIT

  4. Connect your travel router SFT1200 for example via tethering with mobile phone with LTE and start your OpenVPN Client in web interface SFT1200

    If everything is configured correctly, you will get the ip address from the VPN server, i.e. from SF1200 and a green dot at the VPN Client menu.

    By the same principle, you can set a Wireguard. It may even work better in your case.