Good tutorial & Advice for VPN / SDNS to combat Geoblocking using GL-MT300A

Hi everyone,

Just got myself a GL-MT300A and am looking to get around the Geoblocking that’s used by the likes of Amazon Prime & Netflix (for purely hypothetical reasons of course !!) from other countries (France primarily) to look like I’m coming from the UK (sometimes America too).

I have spotted a number of paid VPN servivces and paid Smart DNS (SDNS) services.

Which ones do you guys use and find effective ? Any decent free ones ? (I expect not).

Do you know of any particularly good tutorials showing how to set such things up on the GL-MT300A interface ?

I know nothing about OpenWRT.

Thanks in advance of your assistance.


Above link provides instructions and there is also a list of comaptible VPN providers.

VPNbook offer a free server, from Romania, I believe.
Nord (pretty good) offer a 3 day trial and a 1 year deal @ $4/month (with a 30 day money back guarantee).
PIA used to be great but are in turmoil currently.
Pure - some people love them (cheap) but I found them poor.



“PIA used to be great but are in turmoil currently.”

Please explain.

Go see for yourself:

@Glitch not finding what you are referring to in the forum, I was thinking of using PIA, really interested to hear why they’re in turmoil

No customer support, no answers to suppport tickets, lots of sites blocked, servers withdrawn at zero notice (UK - later reinstated, Germany).
All on the forum, so you didn’t look very hard! Give them a try if you like - take a month and see how you get on.

Well, it seems that the German thing is a positive since they’re changing hosts because the one they’d been using is compromising user data.

The UK thing may be related to the new draconian internet privacy rules adopted by that government, though I see no reference on that forum.

I suspect they’ve added a lot of users after the US rolled back the FCC privacy rules in March, which may have increased the load on customer service that PIA wasn’t prepared to handle.

I have no relationship with PIA, nor do I use their service (or any other VPN, for that matter) but it was one I was considering using.

I personally tested 2 VPN providers that worked very well for accessing USA Netflix from abroad.



Both have great support and speed.


ExpressVPN is considered to be the best one but is too much expensive, about US$ 8.32 in the yearly plan.

NordVPN prices becomes interesting when you sign the yearly or 2 yearly plans (google the promo code for the 2 yearly plan). You get it by US$ 3.5~4/month.

I`m currently using NordVPN.


Hi All,

I have tested the following VPN providers (on AR300m) in order to unblock Netflix. I will specify which country worked for me:

  • Iron Socket: US, RO, DE and BR

  • HMA!: ES

  • Expressvpn: US, CA, AD, DE and the most of the LATAM countries

  • Getflix: CA, SA, GR. If you use their SmartDNS you can unlock US too

  • Keenow: ES. If you use their SmartDNS you can unlock a lot of regions too (e.g. CA, BR, DE, ES, FR, NL, MX and US)

My personal choice is Iron Socket and Keenow. They have fast support and affordable prices.

I hope this info helps.

Although if you care about privacy don’t touch HideMyAss (HMA), their record is pretty bad.