GoodCloud alert notification cannot be received properly

I bind two emails to my account
Neither email can receive device-related notifications (for example: device online and offline notifications)
Both emails have access time from all devices
A few days ago you said that this function has been fixed, but after testing, this function is still abnormal.

I will check this later

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Please let me know when it can be tested, thank you

I will look at your feedback on this problem after I deal with another bug.

Please handle the notification again, thank you

Could you give me a screenshot of how you config the device online/offline notification, and PM me your GoodCloud account username or email, thanks

I just test the Notification feature of GoodCloud with 3 email addresses, all of them have received the device offline email.

The test here is still not possible. Can you provide picture tutorials?

This sentence keeps appearing on my page, is this normal?
Note: If a user does not have access permissions to some devices, that user will not be able to receive messages related to that devices.

This is not normal, let me see how to fix this problem.

Is there anything I need to pay attention to in the settings?