Goodcloud AR750 lan access

i try 2 different thing.
1 try to do a site to site in wirguard (no success to go to lan to lan)
i reset all restart and
2 try to do a site to site with goodcloud

i m able to do a goodcloud site to site but , im not able to ping or go to the lan client.
i’m able to ping the lan side of the client but not a computer behind

node 1 ip lan is i can ping it from main
pc behind node 1 is i can’t ping it.

Could you try to set the LAN IP of these three devices to 192.168.x.1
for example,,,

Hello Leo,

Thanks for reply.

I don t want to do it, because I have sometime already something in Lan ip xx. 1.

All 3 are,,

Yesterday nigth I manage to can ping the pc behind node 1. But for this I go to lucie, firewall, and add mesquering to the Lan rule…
Is it correct way to do it?

To day I try in real condition, with a plc

What is your route table in node1?

This morning, I managed it.
But it seems is more a trouble of firewall I think.

On node 1 the ip route table is

Everything works fine.
The only things, can I use a computer without AR750, connect to the server by wireguard???

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Can I use a computer without AR750, connect to the server by wireguard?
The answer is no. It doesn’t have this function.

thank leo to answer.

in fact i manage to use the goodcloud service for connect all my AR750 together.
on the server, i add a wireguard server
on my computer i add a wireguard client.

now i m enable to can connect my computer directly to my server and to ping all mys other 750.