GoodCloud as new solution to access our routers

compliments for your products which I’m testing/using already since 3 years.
I’m delighted to see your new product COLLIE which I just ordered 1 unit to test.
We use a lot of routers for our industrial equipment which we export worldwide.

I like GoodCloud but there is one function (maybe I’m not familiar on how to activate it remotely) which it will be very important for us: setup/configure VPN (especially wireguard) from remote.
Is it possible ? Sorry if this is a FAQ.


Setting up vpn is Not yet possible from the cloud.

Can you let me know the final application?

Do you want to access the devices beings the router remotely? If yes then we could have a raider solution

So Good Cloud at the moment is useful only to change WIFI and get some informations about the connections. Correct me if I’m wrong… (apart update the firmware).

I’ve got my COLLIE and with my surprise there isn’t any longer the button to the advanced menu (LUCI)… Am I correct ? How can I access LUCI ?

One last thing…

Is there any LOAD BALANCING / FAILOVER between the 4G and WAN connection ?

Under normal openwrt+luci I can set up a multiway failover.
Let me know if your default setup is having something similar.
Mainly router is WAN connected but if it lose the WAN I wanna be sure that 4G step into and provide a backup connection.


You can install luci and it will come back

It has failover by default, not load balancing.

This will fit your needs.