GoodCloud/GL.iNet Status Page

Hi there,

since many people are asking about Is GoodCloud down right now?, I implemented some monitoring for the most used GL.iNet services.


You can either visit the web version here:

Or you can visit the GitHub repo instead, which will contain the same information - but only updated every 24h:
:link: Admonstrator/glinet-uptime

The first link might throw an error if you are using VPN, the second one is fine then.

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Best TLD :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

P.S: How it is monitoring it?

It’s an Open-Source project called GitHub - upptime/upptime: ⬆️ GitHub Actions uptime monitor & status page by @AnandChowdhary

Indeed! :partying_face:

Does not work in Russia regionsπŸ€”
Should be change domain. Because *.UA is Ukraine :thinking:

I am on travel holiday in Russia

That is fine for me, sorry.
There is no need - at least not for me - to support people in Russia.

You can always visit the GitHub page instead, which will update every 24h.


@admon thank you for your project! Very useful!

Hugs from Ukraine :hugs:

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