Goodcloud json api

Hello. I need to get real-time gps coordinates from each device - is there a json api to connect? if not, are there any scripts to collect gps coordinates using ssh or something like that?


GoodCloud does not yet have complete documentation for the API.

If your device have GPS module, you can install gl-gps in “Plug-ins” page. Then, you can find “GPS” page in firmware Web UI.

You can set HTTP Path to your service in the page.

Thanks. I did find that place to put a different http path but the challenge is that I need to know what is sent and how is sent - so I can write a service that captures the data.
Is there an example of the code in your current gps-telemetry site that you can share?

We don’t write the example yet. But you can use ssh to get more information.

/tmp/gps_info is the raw GPS data obtained by the router
/tmp/gps_json_info is the GPS data in JSON format processed by the router and upload to the cloud server
/tmp/gps_upload.log is the log information of the upload to server


what other way is available to get the data?

can it be query to the cloud and not the router?

the router will be remote on trucks using 4G snd is very slow to ssh to it

Any chance you made progress with this? I’m attempting to do the same thing, I’d like to pull the gps data from an API instead of setting up my own server to push the data to.