Goodcloud keeps showing router offline

My router keeps appearing offline is there anyway to fix this issue? I have manually deleted and added back same issue.

Could you please post the cloud log of your router?
What router do you use and which firmware?

I assume its been offline from the start now. I just checked the cloud log nothing there. I set this up 3 months ago and just had to use it yesterday.
Firmware: 4.4.60

Please try to disable Goodcloud and enable it again - check logs again then.

Is your router able to talk to the internet at all?
Do you use any other upstream router?
What DNS server do you use?

Router is working online presently which is why it confused me when I tried to connect to goodcloud outside my home.

Only the gli_net router in the house

DNS: AdGuard Home is enabled, the router must use the DNS server provided by AdGuard Home, you can’t customize DNS servers.

Do you see the DNS request to gl-cloud?

No a 1000 reconnects to mqtt. Should I disable adguard and try again?

Yup, try it for testing.

This is what the system log is saying:

Its saying time stamp invalid is that causing the issue?

Fixed the time issue and that seems to have fixed the issue will keep adguard off for the foreseeable future its not needed anyway. Thanks for your help

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AGH works well with Goodcloud, I use it myself.

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