Goodcloud offline router

Sorry, this is a bug. App and browser can be logged in at the same time.
We will fix it after we resolve these device connectivity issues.

“ connect timed out”

I can’t connect routers.

The problem has been fixed.

@Nika2015 @alzhao

Can yo guys please check about the group issue. What I mean is, whenever I do a search of a router or I open a router on Goodcloud, it does not show the group it belongs to. The group column appears in blank where the router is assigned to group.

The Groups feature is, however, no longer available for individual users.
For users with a small number of devices, simply add a description to filter.

If you own a large number of devices, then you should have upgraded to the organization.
The original group was migrated to a department. Each Group can only have devices using the same model and firmware version.