this is my GoodCloud:

the 2nd site was in cloud until las evening 11:00 pm

Now in the morning it is not in the cloud :frowning:

The AR750 is now started und visible in the local Fritz Router; but he is not connected to GoodCloud.

How stable is the GoodCloud?
which other reason could prevent the Connection?


Can you provide some logs?

You can view it in the following locations

many, many thanks to Leo and his team!!
He made a very good Job, to solve this problem:smiley::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

best greatings


In the good cloud i have the 2 routers, 2 pcs Brume-w, remote web and remote ssh on Brume A is working good all time, i’m try login in brume B remote web interfase not working (redirect to and clear page. Terminal not working too (Rttys) write connection is closed. Some time i’m can’t remote reboot router from goodcloud, sometime reboot is working. Router A have white static IP, router B have white dynamic IP, but problem is not in IP…

fw version is 3.203 20210703

Reset to default settings on remote router B, again new configure, remote access is working now

Now broblem on router A, eysterday made reset to defaults both routers, and add s2s config only, and today router A remote from Goodcloud is not working

The problem is that two identical devices are bind to a good cloud?

@la3y Log in to two devcies 's remote web at the same time by goodcloud is not supported.

Log in not same time

@la3y Is the two devcies 's remote ssh feature fine now?

@clannad No, nothin is change
Remote web and remote ssh still not working on the Router A


I noticed such a moment:
Both devices binded earlier.
I reset the settings and re-configured both routers, after the reset router B was the first switched to enable remote access to Goodcloud in the router web ui, and remote access works fine on it, router A settings made after, i was able to log in to it once and then it does not connect.

Previously, router A was configured first, there were problems with router B

Or is it just a coincidence

Maybe it’s help.

Now both Brume-W have the same issue )

@la3y We will test it in our side.

@clannad I thought so) just decided to inform

@la3y We have checked that everything is fine, could you please give some logs to us?

It will help if we could ssh your device and check rtty client’s logs.

@clannad I can only provide access after about 4 hours, or just say me what i’m need to do and i’m send you logs.

on router B the dynamic IP address often changes. After an unsuccessful remote web or ssh connection, it is transferred to the ISP or rebooted. Remote router, can’t check now

@la3y Please send your public IP and password to me. My email is