GoodCloud - Report cumulative traffic per client

These bandwidth usage graphs are beautiful and a great way to see per-client activity on a number of different time scales.

Critically, what’s missing is reporting cumulative traffic per client … since I’m capped on bandwidth (200Mb/s) but charged for traffic usage (1.2TB/month) I want to see which clients are contributing to my bill over a given time period.

In other words, I want to see the value of the area under the curve … get your integral calculus on!

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When I click on “analytics” for an individual client there’s no sign of cumulative traffic counts @clannad and the tabular traffic data doesn’t follow the selected time scale (hour, day, week, etc).

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The CoodCloud does not have cumulative traffic per client feature yet, and we are discussing whether it should be added in the future.
You can click the red area for show you traffic data that select you time scale

Well, you have my vote … seems like a 1.0 feature to me … I’ve never really understood why network engineers never seem to value cumulative traffic counts … people who use (and pay for) networks certainly do! :wink:

Is there API access to the time series data? Are traffic counts being captured but not reported perhaps?

We may consider enrich wifi coverage feature in the future, and there is not API access to the time series data.