Goodcloud S2S Ping loss


i have unstable connection / ping losses with goodcloud s2s.

The mainnode is an MT2500 which is connected via CAT7 directly to my home router (FritzBox 6591 Cable).
The Node is an XE300 which is cullular connected via internal modem to Telekom network (over LTE with nice values - RSSI - 38 excellent, RSRQ - 10 good, RSRP - excellent, TYPE LTE, SINR 14 excellent).

Mainnode has the lan-ip: and is connected to his gateway (fritzbox). Behind the Mainnode i have a Server with lan-ip: 192.168.2.
Node has lan-ip: and there is a windows-laptop connected as client -

When i now try to ping from the server ( to the client ( i see sometimes ping lossed. When i ping from server ( to the node directly, same ping losses.
In these moments pings from server to and from client-side to will be stable, so both sites has no connection issues - but in goodcloud vpn s2s there are ping losses.

Anyone has an idea? Maybe an mtu issue?
Screenshot from Server site:

Screenshot from Client site:

I had also captured the both sites with wireshark but upload size is to big.

No one can help with these issue?

If you stop and start s2s on goodcloud, will things be better?
To diagnose the issue, you can ping from the main node to the subnode, both via public IP, to see if there’s any packet loss.

No, this will be not the solution.

The solution everytime is to reboot the VPN-Mainnode. After fresh start of the mainnode the S2S-connection will be ok without ping losses.

I’m gonna check via shared goodcloud device for nils50122