Goodcloud speed slow

I`m running a Goodcloud VPN for appr. 2 years without any major problem. The locations are 3 european cities with 2 x GL-AR750S and 1 x GL-MV1000. Although the max provider speed is 40 Mbits at two sites and 500 Mbits at the fiber site, the maximum I can archive is only 30 Mbits. Is this a Goodcloud limitation?
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There is no limitation in Goodcloud, its speed major depond on the bandwidth of your network.Seems it was normal in your case.
Maybe you could tell us the bandwidth of each node and give the network topology to us, like below

Hello clannad,
many thanks for your quick reply.

-VPN Bad Nauheim is the main node. DSL WAN upload/download is 100/40 Mbits
-VPN Bürgel . DSL WAN upload/download is 100/40 Mbits
-VPN Varen. Fiber upload/download is at min. 500Mbits-1Gbits

Even if the max Wan upload bandwidth in both sites (Bad Nauheim and Bürgel) is only 40Mbits, the upload speed at the fiber location Varen should be much higher.

One more question: Is the Goodcloud VPN a site to site topology, meaning if data is transfered fro client 1 to client 2, the traffic is directly transfered between both clients. Or is each data going through the main node.

It’s hard to say because the device also is the factor. In my test, ax1800 will get more speed.

Each data is going through the main node.