Goodcloud UI feature requests

I have a fleet of over 200 routers at this point. I’ve done my best to keep naming conventions and groups organized, but I have a few requests.

  1. Currently from the Search function in Device List we are unable to search by device Description. Only Name/MAC/SSID/EXTERNAL IP. I’d like to either be able to search by LAN IP or description as well.

  2. From the same Device List page - the available fields in the view dropdown doesn’t have LAN IP available. This would be a huge help to be able to have a column for that.

Advanced search feature supports searching devices by description, please send your account number to me via private message. We can activate the permission for you after checking.

GoodCloud is in the process of a major version upgrade, so a requirement like LAN IP will not be added soon. However, we will try to add it in a new version, but you may have to upgrade the firmware to use it.