GoodCloud.US is down

Unable to make connection to GoodCloud America even though status page ( show shows that it is up and functioning. If I try to Unbind the router from GoodCloud, I get an error stating that the Network not reachable. If I connect to Europe Data Server then the connection works. Switching back to America results in no connection again. Is it OK to just stay connected to Europe Data Server?

The status page just checks if the website loads by HTTP. It does not check if the API functionality is given and working. So it's more a "nice to know" than a real monitoring.

That makes sense. I appreciate your help with this. I'll stick with the Europe data server for now. I'm having issues with my router and I need goodcloud to be able to check the cellular history for more than the default 30 minutes of the router.

I think goodcloud US is still down. All of my devices show offline.

How do you swap to the Europe Data server? My UI only has America as an option.

I'm using the Spitz GL-X3000. It gives me Europe, America, and Asia Pacific as an option. Sorry, can't help you with a different device, but I'm sure there is someone on here that might be able to find the configuration file to tweak.

100% it's still down. You can swap the data server if you remote into the web admin panel of each individual device.. which kind of defeats the point of a fleet management tool.

I guess that works.
I changed mine to a different one and it connected.

I think they should just fix it to ping all servers and connect you to the one with the lowest ping instead of letting you pick. In this case, America would just not respond and go for the next one in the list. That would make sure the devices are always available.

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We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
GoodCloud's US service has resumed normal operations and you can now use the US region to manage your devices.
If you continue to experience issues with abnormal device status displays on our cloud platform, please provide us with the MAC address of the device for further investigation.

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Clearly still isn't working.

Edit: Had to rebind my devices. Working, for now.

Still super slow response time on America servers. I switched everything to Europe and response time is good again. I'll leave it there for now. I'm thinking there are still issues with America servers.


We performed an emergency update on June 11, 2024, at 11:58:26 AM UTC to address the server downtime issue. After monitoring for more than a day, the service functionality is normal, and the server load in the US region is stable.

If your routers are still unable to go online, please turn off the GoodCloud switch on the router and then turn it back on. If the issue persists, please contact us and provide the MAC address of your device.

We greatly appreciate everyone's feedback.

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