Goodcloud via glinet app

I think goodcloud not working in the latest Android app

Anyway to rollback to old version of the app ?

Hi, can you please provide more specific information on what exactly is not working?

No goodcloud devices in the app

This is via the web.

Is it something to do with choose the ‘organisation’? I can’t choose organisation on the app

Hi, our app currently only supports viewing devices under personal accounts. This is because the app cannot access the organization view. If you want to manage devices in the app, you would need to unbind and delete them from the organization view on the website, and then rebind them to your personal account.

I used to be able to see my goodcloud devices in the app, but the latest app update changed this

I could rebind the devices as you said, but I wouldn’t like the idea that I have to rebind my devices everytime you update the app

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Apologies for the inconvenience caused. Once you re-bind your device to Self View, future updates to the cloud platform and app will not necessitate re-binding your device. Feel free to customize the app to enhance your experience.