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Does this router have GPS capabilities? When using some streaming services like youtube TV that contains local content, YouTube requires a location. Typically this isn’t an issue with a smartphone since the location is communicated to Youtube when using the app.

If it does have this capability how do I enable it? If not can I use an external GPS puck via USB? Thanks for any input!

The modem inside has GPS. If you connect an antenna you may read GPS data. But this will not work for your application. Youtube app will have nothing to do with this GPS data.

Thanks for your response. Any tips on how to make all my connected devices that are routed thru this device to use my actual location rather than defaulting to my ISP (AT&T)? Thanks

What is your actual location? Do you mean your home or city?

You need to set up vpn in your “actual location” and configure vpn on the router. This has nothing to do with GPS actually.

I live in the Roanoke Virginia area, all my connected devices (PCs, Apple TV ect…) that are routed thru my x750 don’t have GPS capability and show my location as Maryland Virginia. My guess is that Maryland is likely the location of my ISP (ATT Wireless). If I use my phone while connected to the x750 then my location is correct since it actually has a GPS to pull a location from.

There are two ways to detect locations.

One is GPS, which is generally true on your phone. This is much precise.

Second is by IP location. When you use ATT, it gives an IP address. The location of this IP address is not precise. Some IP location services has a big database, storing the IP and location info. This is how the location is identified.

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