GPS page in GL-INET firmware

It looks like this page exists:

However, even though I could get GPS location from AT command AT+QGPSLOC?, that page still show GPS data invalid. So I guess this GPS page is still work-in-progress? I do hope it get a way to use GPS feature in EC25. I did hook up an active antenna for the GPS port.

The GPS feature is not developed. Few consumers use this function. Furthermore, using such an Interface on the router’s UI does not make too much sense.

But we do have GPS function under development. This is only for business solutions. What is your user case?

GPS based NTP server

I have already make it happen via command line and configure files. It’s just very complicated to setup.

GPS would be great for mobile setups so that it can be used to monitor the location of the router, and/or do voyage recording…