GRC Shields Up reports ports 88 & 89 are open on Flint

Just got a Flint device, which I really like. Howveer, when I run a GRC shields up test on all ports, I see that ports 88 & 89 are open. Seems like a security flaw. How can I fix this? I enabled goodcloud for a few minutes just to try it but then disabled it.

I’d check to ensure you’re not getting a false positive first… after rebooting the Flint, of course.

What’s the version of your Flint? Could you run following commands to check both port are used for what process?

netstat -a
netstat -an
ps -w

Do you mean that I should ssh into the router and run netstat etc?

Yes. Run them via ssh.

This happened with the Flint and Flint 2 (current router). The netstat outsput doesn’t return any references that I can discern for ports 88 and 89. However, GRC shows them as open. On my last Asus RT AC-3100 router, all ports were hidden.