Guest Network Scheduling

I appreciate the feature of the Guest WIFI network very much. The guest is given a separate SSID, password and subnet.
Is there a simple way for me to set a schedule to turn on Guest network at certain time of a day and turn off at another time routinely? The feature is available in some other routers.
Thank you.

Maybe you can implement it yourself with a script, but this requires a linux foundation.

I am interested also for this nice feature…but I don’t know how to enable/disable Guest on schedule…WifiSchedule do this but with entire wifi radios…here in gargoyle forum some people try also to make Guest network on/off on schedule

I’m sure in OpenWrt is not very difficult to enable/disable interface by hours or days…
Anyone know how to? Cron? But what we have to put in?

Nobody is interested in schedule on/off only Guest Network?
I’m sure there is a way not so difficult…

I see that repeater TP-Link RE200 which has firmware based on OpenWRT has this kind of wifi scheduler. Can you at glinet make a wifi scheduler like this for Guest wifi for GL-iNet Admin Panel?

I found this inside RE200 firmware downloaded from TP-Link website support:
Package: time-schedule
Version: 1.0
Depends: libuci, luci-lib-core, libjson
Source: iplatform/stable/private/time-schedule
Section: TP-LINK
Status: unknown ok not-installed
Essential: no
Priority: optional
Maintainer: (I erased the name and mail of a person from tp-link)
Architecture: model_mtk_mt76xx
Installed-Size: 12611
Description: Time scheduler for TP-LINK