Guest WiFi lacking Internet Access


I’m having a problem with my GL-AR750.

I have enabled Guest WiFi on 2.4 and 5 GHz on the Admin Panel, but clients on the guest network were lacking internet access.
Later on I found that there is a possibility to enable a Captive Portal. Once I enabled it, clients on the Guest WiFi had the Captive Portal show up and by pressing the “Get Connected” button they are able to access the Internet.
But I would like to have guest access to the Internet without Captive Portal. Why isn’t guest access working without activating the Captive Portal?

Thx for your support,

Maybe just a bug. What is the firmware version? I can have a test.

I’m on Fw. 3.212, I think that’s the latest one, isn’t it?
But I think I had the same issue with the previously installed firmware (not sure which version that was).

I think I found the problem:

The VPN policy was configured to “Use VPN for guest network”. However, the VPN connection could not be established, so there was no Internet connection for guests.
However, it is not clear to me why using/enabling the Captive Portal helped with this issue. The VPN connection was still not working.

Now I’ve disabled the “Use VPN for guest network” policy and the guest clients do have Internet access with the Captive Portal being disabled.

Maybe the portal breaks vpn policy.

Something you might want to check out… :wink: