[Guide] Installing and using Tor on your GL.inet devices

First you can see if your router supports the tor image:

After that you can download the .image or the .bin for your router.


Advice: Do the Setup at this place where the router will stay later, because you can’t remove the power supply → Firmware will crash and you can do all the stuff again… i know its stupid…
Also not recommended to use only this rom for your main router, because after the device is disconnect… you know what i mean…

  1. Use the Lan-Connection to connect to your pc and set the switch on the router to the right site
  2. Hold the reset button and connect the device to the power supply → wait until 2 light are shinning and no blining anymore!
  3. Go to your Internet-Settings in the PC and change IPv4 to and in the lan-settings
  4. Connect with browser to
  5. On this site you can load the image to the router
  6. Wait a while so the router isn blinking anymore and you see a “portal”-wlan
  7. Disconnect the lan and change IPv4 to auto before
  8. Connect to “portal”-wlan with pw: goodlife
  9. Connect with browser to and you can make the setup by yourself (change wlan-name or passwort etc.)
  10. Connect from your main router on “lan” to your ton router “wan”
  11. check in the router interface that tor is working and with your browser if you can search things in the web. With the switch on the right site you got a normal router
  12. Turn know the switch on the router to left (now there will be no router interface anymore, for security reasons, don’t know what this mean, but yeah… and of course a save tor connection!

If you want to use the same router like me:

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