Guide - Set LAN5 to be part of Guest network on Flint 2

I spent hours trying to get this to work. I had to do this due to an IoT which has to be connected LAN. I thought I would share this for anyone else that wants/needs to do this.

I recommend you backup the Flint 2 and do this at your own risk.

Login to LuCI
Network > Interfaces > Devices (tab)
br-lan - Click configure
Bridge ports - Remove lan5 > Save

Click Interfaces tab
Scroll down and clikc “add new interface”
Name: lan5
Protocol: Static address
Device: lan5
Click create interface

Click “Edit” for lan5 now

IP4v address: (you can use anything you want really)
IP4v netmask:

Firewall settings > drop down menu and select guest

DHCP Server > General Setup
Make sure “ignore interface” is unticked
You can set the Start/Limit/Lease time or leave it default

Click Save
Save & Apply

If it all worked properly, you can connect a laptop to lan5 and you should be able to access guest (no access to local network if you have isolation enabled for guest) but access the internet.


FYI: This is the stock IP range ( for the guest network.

It doesn’t matter since it is in own VLAN. I did say you can change it.

I’m pointing it out because others may stumble upon this thread & not be aware, my guy.