Had to force enable WiFi connection on MT-1300 at Courtyard Marriott

I’ve been connecting my MT-1300 on Marriott WiFi without any problems until this weekend. I started up my laptop, started WireShark and connected to the hotel WiFi to collect configuration information. The WiFi connected me without doing any visible redirected authentication. When looking at the domain info pushed by DHCP, I did not see the usual cust.blueprintrf.com domain reference. Instead, I saw the domain name WiFi.IPv4.Info.Below . A ping to WiFi.IPv4.Info.Below returned

So I thought, this will be easy. I connect to my router, add hostname entry for WiFi.IPv4.Info.Below and clone my laptop mac addr. But after I scanned for WiFi, I would end up timing out and never join the network. So I thought they might be blocking the mac addrs for GL-iNet devices. So I selected to use a random mac addr, but still could not join. I ended up having to use the OpenWRT interface to force the connection to the hotel wifi. After that, I was able to connect my devices to my router and connect to the Internet.

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Can you explain how you used the OpenWRT interface to force the connection to the hotel wifi?

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Yes can you share how?