Hard Crash 300m

So this just happened and I am unsure of what to make of it. So I have someone that was hacking on one of my routers (ar300m) and managed to get in. Not a huge surprise because my PW: was 21032103 but didn’t really give it a care because I live in a small town and I would know who did it. (nmap and wireshark) anyway I quickly changed the password to a much stronger PW then when to change my AP:DNS Router PW from a 10 digit to a 13 character PW.

When I did this my ar300m crashed and crashed HARD! I went and unpluged it and let it sit for a while then let it boot and when I finally was able to get it to boot I noticed it had reverted back to (I am only guessing here) Stock Firmware.

after upgrading to v2.25 it will not boot. I think it may have bricked it. (not 100% Still checking that)
I am 100% sure the kid that got the PW to my router did nothing more then crack the PW because I went and looked on his computer to see what he had install and it was nothing more then a simple MiTM script loaded on a stock Ubuntu Box.

with that being said I was wondering if I could get some thoughts on this problem/question.



How did you find the “kid” who hacked you and how did you manage to allow him to let you look at his PC? Is there something more we should know?

Na, nothing special, I used nmap to make sure he wasn’t just using anything tricky (just a trace route) but easy enough I knew his ip addy already plus the name of his CPU showed up (Bond-PC) on my traffic. Next I went over there and asked his mother if I could look at his computer because he was on my network ( He was at school )

So it wasn’t anything fancy he is just learning the ins and outs of Linux. So I can’t hold a grudge but I keep an eye out for him.

What LED is still on after you upgrade?

Can you press down the reset button and check if the middle LED will start to flash. Can you hold if for 10 seconds and hope the router reset.

If still cannot you may need to use uboot failsafe: Overview - GL.iNet Docs

@alzhao I was able to get things back in order, but not back on line yet due to time, but I think I got things back up. but the whole thing that throws me was that it rolled back to (stock) firmware. I guess that is just one of those Gremlins running around my network… I love those little SOBs. Anyway I think all is good for now.

and ultimately it was the holding down for 10sec after the upgrade/failed to boot got things back, I hope.