Hard Drive location Flint v4.1.0

hey guys. i try the beta v4.1.0 on flint, seems good so far. SQM cake is already there!!
i try attach my hard drive, and enable samba share. the sharing is not a problem. i can access from my PC. but i dont know where is my hard drive mounted?

i wanted to access via ssh and validate the location. because i want to setup my transmission download folder. the GUI only show /disk1_part1

V4.1.0 in LuCi under System their is a mount point tab where you can swap and change things.
You may want to to mention this in a bug report as it should work in the GL.iNet UI automatically.

The default mount path for external storage devices is /tmp/mountd.

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I think it will always mount on /tmp/mountd. If you override via LuCI or ssh to mount it on /mnt or another folder location, it may not be retained after reboot and reverts back.

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