Hard reset SlateAX?

How can I hard reset the device, as in completely format the device. Pressing the button or using the UI does a soft reset as my configs are still present. I need to wipe 100% of the config for plugins like collectd, Prometheus etc.
I need a fresh device.

I’m on 4.1 beta 3.

Best way is to do a uboot firmware reload.

May want to do upgrade UBoot

That’s a uboot bug, the fixed version can be downloaded here .
Upgrade uboot by the following steps:

  1. connect LAN and PC by ethernet, the PC’s ip should be 192.168.1.x
  2. push the reset button and power it on, about 10 seconds later release the button, until the wifi led stops flashing and the white led turns on.
  3. access to flash uboot.

sysupgrade -F -n from ssh will also get you what you want.

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I will try this. Thanks

Upload the firmware into the /tmp folder, FWIW.

Uhm what does that do? Will it format the whole partition?

sysupgrade -F -n doesnt seem to work, it shows the help prompt instead.

It should be possible to format the device completely by pressing the button. Did you follow the instructions? :Press and hold for 10 seconds, and then release to reset the router
to factory settings. The light will turn blue and flash rapidly. All data
will be cleared when the light becomes solid blue

To be more explicit about steps:

  1. Upload a firmware file to your router’s /tmp directory (if you’re on *nix or Mac, scp firmware-file.tar root@router:/tmp). You can also wget or curl one from the web on the router itself, probably.

cd /tmp
sysupgrade -F -n firmware-filename.tar

(-F means force, -n means don’t save configuration). The router will reboot.

And this will erase the nand completely? As in a fresh device?

It will remove the overlay partition, which is what matters, yes.