Hardware and Gl-iNet firmware for x86

Gl-iNet team think or planned about release hardware and firmware for x86 / 64 systems?

Our firmware will support x86.

But yet not planning on hardware

@alzhao where i can find x86 firmware? Or i’m need manually make firmware?

Did Gl-iNet plan to add firmware in repository GL.iNet download center ?

We will publish beta when the firmware is ready for beta.

I think you need to make a fanless x86 router, 8 pieces of rj45 ports, with a good processor, maybe m.2 ssd slot, maybe wifi module slot m.2


I have a Compulab FitPC3 with 5 RJ45 ports that I would like to test the x86 firmware on. Is an alpha version available? Or an ETA on the beta mentioned earlier?

We are having alpha version internally. Will have beta in Q1 2022.