Has anybody been able to send SMS on an x750v2 with fw4.0?

Upgraded my X750v2 from v3.217 (sms working fine) to v4.0 (openwrt-x750-4.0-release70307-1222-1703233128.bin) and there is no way (that I can find) to create an SMS message!
The screen is just blank.

I think that the smstools3 server is working as I can create a USSD cmd file in /etc/spool/sms/outgoing/1-1.2 and it gets sent AND I get a reply. But I’m not going to ssh into the router just to send an sms!!
My suspicion that I hope you experts can conform is, that luci-app-smstools3 is missing? And what’s more it is not in the GL-iNet opkg repos.

Regards, Martin

Is your modem EP06-A?
It is a bug in the new firmware.

I think it is an EP06-E (Europe)? See screenshot. Has the -E got the same problem?
Any forecast on a fix?

Regards, Martin

Yes there will be a fix.

Seems EP06 modem got the bug in firmware 4.x

Hello, the repaired beta firmware has been placed on the download website. You can go to the website to download it and test to see if there are any remaining issues. GL.iNet download center (gl-inet.com)

Hmmm… Different but…
Are you pre-processing (and reporting Invalid Number)? Because 669 is a perfectly valid USSD code for me - If it was sent, it will responds with my data balance.

Regards, Martin

Are you sending a text to 669?

Yes. Or more accurately I’m sending a USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) “Quick Code” to request a data balance. This is a snippet from my LTE service provider:

… and this is sample of a message:

To: 669
To_TOA: international
Modem: GMS99
Sent: 24-03-24 10:04:22
Sending_time: 1
IMSI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IMEI: yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

info uk22rwg

… and if placed in the folder /etc/spool/sms/outgoing/1-1.2/ will get sent. So the underlying services are fine. It is just that the User Interface is not working.

The latest 4.3.13 beta firmware fixes the issue, and you can download the test at the download site

No it does not! See posting above with screenshot showing (in red) “Invalid Dial Number”.
Regards, M.

The beta firmware of the download site has been updated

I see that the beta has now moved from: openwrt-x750-4.3.13-0325-1711360933.bin to openwrt-x750-4.3.13-0326-1711441894.bin.
I’m busy for the next 3 or 4 days but I will test and let you know.

Regards, M.

Okay, for your info.
I am able to send USSD messages with the beta firmware openwrt-x750-4.3.13-0326-1711441894.bin
As an aside - Can I have the CRON logs turned on again?
Regards, M.