Has anyone been successful configuring GL-AR750S WireGuard client with PIA?

If so, could you share your procedure? Thanks.

No yet.
I asked this question to PIA VPN 24th March, they said:
“we do not have a tutorial yet. WireGuard is still in testing, it is only available in our beta program. Once it has been fully released, we will begin to write guides on how to use it with a router”

There are some other WireGuard service providers, you can find at the link below:

Should be soon then

On Github I came across shell script for accessing PIA wireguard. Maybe someone with more experience than I can do something with it. The script can be found at

Seen the script. It’s too bash ish and would not go well openwrt. It also always connect to the same server in the same region. Not ideal.

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